Baker Street Recordings

Catch up on the great presentations previously hosted at the Baker Street Property Meet.

26th April 2023 | £20+VAT


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29th March 2023 | £20+VAT


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22nd February 2023 | £20+VAT


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25th January 2023 | £20+VAT


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30th November 2022 | £20+VAT

With interest rates rising and recession looming, generating healthy cash-flows will be critical to your success in 2023. At this month's Baker Street event we focused on how to enhance your cash flows with popular property investing strategies to ensure you survive and thrive through the recession ahead. 

Along with special guest Sarah Watt, there were keynote addresses from event host Ranjan Bhattacharya and Andrew Roberts, who assessed the impact of recession on property investors and what emerging opportunities property investors should prepare themselves for. 

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26th October 2022 | £20+VAT

In October, Mark Smith, Barrister-at-law and Tax Specialist joined us to discuss how to prepare for the opportunity in this changing market. Mark Smith is the UK's leading expert on tax planning and tax mitigation strategies for property investors. Mark, along with event hosts Ranjan Bhattacharya and Andrew Roberts will helped attendees brace for the impact of recession, which lies ahead and helped prepare for the opportunities to come.



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28th September 2022 | £20+VAT

In September, we were joined by special guests Alex Neil & Will Clough from Allsop Commercial Auctions.  The so-called 'mini-budget' of the new Liz Truss Government went down like a lead balloon. Interest rates are spiraling and Pound Sterling is plunging. At this month's Baker Street Property Meet, we were focused on how commercial property will be affected and how you can capitalise on a unique market opportunity. 


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25th July 2022 | £20+VAT

In July, we were joined by keynote speaker Kwasi Affum, Vice President Barclays Strategy. Kwasi shared his insights into what lies ahead, how property investors should prepare now and how savvy property investors will profit from new opportunities.

There were also insights shared by event hosts Ranjan Bhattacharya & Andrew Roberts as well as a feisty debate chaired by Cyril Thomas.

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29th June 2022 | £20+VAT

In June, we were joined by Crowd Property Founder Michael Bristow, Property Elevator Star Xuan Meng & Planning Expert David Kemp to answer all your questions on starting in property investment.

There were also insights shared by event hosts Ranjan Bhattacharya & Andrew Roberts.

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25th May 2022 | £20+VAT

In May, the event hosts Ranjan Bhattacharya & Andrew Roberts predicted the future of the Property Market and questioned if a crash is inbound. Andrew Roberts presented about the direction of Property in 2022 while Ranjan Bhattacharya  offered his 10 playbook strategies for property investors, this was followed by a Q&A panel.

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27th April 2022 | £20+VAT

In April, the Baker Street Property Meet returned to London.

The event hosts Ranjan Bhattacharya & Andrew Roberts presented the biggest opportunities to profit in property over the next year. This was followed by a Q&A panel.

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